Hearts & Science

Fifth Avenue 2019


HAS Player List 2019

Acadia WaddellHASWherever
Alan RoofHASInfield, Outfield
Aliya ElshamiHASAny
Anthony DattoloHASEverywhere
Ariana MichaloutsosHASOutfield
Benjamin LercherHASAny
Brian CiulloHASFirst base, Outfield, Shortstop, Third base
Bryan ProvidenceHASAny
Daniel ClarkHASCenter field, First base, Second base
Danny ButlerHASCoach, Left field
Emily MoomeyHASAny
Erica PetersHASCoach, Outfield, Second base
Frank LioneHASOutfield
Freddy MaldonadoHASPitcher
Geanna DonnellyHASAnywhere
Greg MulliganHASCenter field, Second base, Shortstop, Third base
Hanna KrizmanHASLeft field
Hannah BinderHASOutfield
Henry Blakeway-WebbHASLeft Center, Second base
Jared CanatoreHASCoach, First base
John HaslbauerHASInfield, Outfield
Jon LindenblattHASLeft field, Outfield
Jordyn ModelevskyHASOutfield
Lisa LonghitanoHASFirst base, Pitcher
Liya KraytmanHASFirst base, Second base, Shortstop, Third base
Mansi ParikhHASAny...Happy To Fill A Spot That Nobody Else Wants
Marci AritaHASCatcher
Max GropperHASCenter field
Michael GotkinHASThird base
Perry HambugHASInfield, Outfield, Pitcher
Phil SepulchreHASOutfield, Second base, Shortstop
Ryan MehernHASALL
Samantha BoccoliniHASSecond base
Scott WilliamsHASOutfield
Simone NevruzianHASOutfield
Steven BonalleHASThird base
Tanner HopperHASALL
Veronica SalazarHASidk
Zack LevineHASFirst base