Playoff’s Final

We down to three (3) teams
– Come and watch the final games this Saturday, September 14th
Otherwise, join them @ Mad River upstairs by 12 noon.
Stay in touch via twitter: @nyacsl_softball

Semi Final game on Randall’s #30
to start @ 8:00AM – forfeit time = 8:15am
FCB vs Mindshare (MIN has choice)

Winner will play Havas (HAV has choice) for the Championship.
to start @ 9:30AM – second game if necessary will follow after 5 minutes break.

Take Note:
All teams needs to PRINT and bring ball field Permit (attached) to avoid any issues.
No Buses
No Mercy Rule
Team Player Roster
– Any concerns must be question/checked prior to start of game.
If there’s a protest
– Game will be stop and Umpire-In-Chief will be contacted. Suggest that you bring ASA Rule book and as well NYACSL exception Rules to ASA (attached)

“Perimeter Cone” Rule – “Perimeter” cones will be placed 175 feet from home plate on both foul lines and in center field. Three perimeter cones will form a boundary for the four outfielders. On contact, the four outfielders are allowed to move in front of the cones. Should any outfielder move within this “perimeter,” before contact is made, the batter will be awarded first base, and all base runners may advance one base, as appropriate.

FYI – a good rule of thumb if home plate to 1st base is 65 ft (let’s say 22 paces) 1st base to the RF cone should be 110 feet, that’s over 1 ½ times the distance (let’s say over 36 paces from 1st Base). From 2nd base to Center Field should be 85 ft (let’s say 28 paces)

Good Luck to all teams